Like A Rose

Beauty can be found in all of God’s creation. Some are light and airy, some dark and mysterious, some broken, dull, or even vibrant. They’re all important in their own unique and special way. Just like us. We come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds, histories, traumas, hopes, and dreams. We all have different gifts, talents, and desires for the future. What’s important is that we see past the veil and allow beauty to emerge, no matter how it seems on the outside.

My photography does generally have a darker theme, but that’s not all there is, not beneath the surface. I want to create images that speak on multiple levels, giving depth and meaning, no matter where the viewer is in life. I want to meet you where you’re at. I don’t want a photo to be stagnant; rather, I want it to speak. And more than that, I want it to give you the courage to speak. To heal. To feel the pain and to process it in a positive way.

In my life, I’ve often found that words are not good enough. That’s why photography works so well for me. It’s not just a shallow image, it all means something, is all meant to mean something, even if I don’t understand it and can’t consciously put it into words.

I was shattering the silence of my own life. Instead of being limited to just the spoken/written language, a whole world opened up before me. I could then take that world and share it with you. And, who knows, maybe it will do some good along the way.

I encourage you to explore the complexity of life, rather than judging what’s on the surface. If you don’t relate to my photography, that’s okay; maybe it wasn’t meant for you. I’d hope that we could still be friends and I’d still love to learn from you. If you don’t feel anything when looking at my photos, then that’s okay too.

But, if you do, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I want you to know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, that there still is light amidst this darkness. I know it may seem like an endless journey, or a hopeless pursuit at times, but you were put here for a reason. Don’t allow your life to be in vain. The choice is yours. It’s okay to feel pain, hurt, anger, hopelessness, depression… the list goes on. That doesn’t have to define you. You can be more than that; you are more than that.

Some wounds take more time to heal than others, and some will never fully be forgotten. Just remember that every scar is a testament of something painful that we went through but survived. It’s a symbol of strength, a symbol of purpose, a symbol of determination.

So, for you, I offer this rose as a reminder of all you have the ability to be. As a reminder that you’re not alone. Pain, tears, and all. God still looks on you and sees beauty. Maybe you still have some battles to fight, but we all do in our own way. Please, don’t allow the fear to win.

Last Rose Of Summer

Little Forest Leaf

The other day I was out in the forest looking for new places to shoot.

I have to say, it is simply beautiful this time of year. I am continually amazed at all that God has created to share with us.

As I walked, I came across a stream bed that would have been empty were not for rain that had visited the day before.

Resting on the wet and almost muddy sand, I found this leaf, and it just struck me as beautiful.


The little water droplets. The reflection of the clouded sky. Lying there alone, surrounded by the tiny pool and other fallen leaves.

Its golden shimmer, even though a part of it had faded. Still so rich. Still a part of life.

Still offers a breath of beauty.



Sometimes we feel as though we’ve fallen so far that there is no recovery.

Hope seems lost.

We’ve let go of the poison.

We haven’t consumed it as we have thought.

The truth is, in the pain, there’s a glimpse of color that adds to our story.

We can become new,

We can be whole again.

Just like the pain, resilient and sturdy, we can turn it into something full of beauty.

We can triumph and overcome, until we become the color in our own story.

The Lifeblood flows through us,

If we let it lead us,

The light will fill us.

In the darkest of places, that’s where we see the brightest light.

That doesn’t mean the darkness will cease, but rather that the light in us is stronger.

We may have fallen, but this isn’t over.

Purity can be regained.