Golden Opportunity

Golden-OpportunityI took this photo quite awhile ago. I just came across it the other day and decided to edit it. I love the warm feel and the simplicity of the single apple on the floor.

So often we miss the moments that are right in front of us, we only see the opportunities after they have passed. But sometimes, every once in a while, we can grab hold of those moments and freeze them in our minds and our hearts. We will always treasure those memories.

Those are the golden opportunities, the little moments in life that we can treasure forever.

Something In The Wind

Something-In-The-WindThis image was done spontaneously while I was shooting Waiting For The Storm. Personally, I like this one better.

We can stand with courage as we face the wind, knowing that there is a Power far greater than us. We stand secure, not because of our own strength, but because of our weakness.

There’s something magical about being out in a snowy forest. It’s as though I’m stepping into a different world where anything is possible.

That’s one of the things I love about photography. It’s a way of stepping outside reality and into the world of our dreams. We can create any story, in any world, with any rules we like. We’re no longer bound by the limitations that are naturally set upon us.

Quiet: 7/52

quietThere are times in life when all I need is some quiet time with a notebook and a pen, allowing my thoughts to flow freely from my mind to the page. I treasure those moments of solitude when I can fully focus on the creativity and inspiration in and around me. There’s nothing quite like the freedom found on a blank page, ready for anything that comes its way.

What if we looked at our lives as a blank canvas ready to be filled, rather than just moving from one day to the next? Sometimes we just need to take a moment to slow down, collect our thoughts, and spread our own personal stories out through the world. We can find, and express, the color in our lives through so many different forms: visual art, music, words, etc.

Exploring the world inside my mind is one of my favorite things to do, that is where I find a lot of my inspiration to create. What drives you to create? Do you have any favorite activities to get those creative juices flowing? I’d love to hear from you.


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The Keeper Of The Sun

The Keeper Of The Sun

I took this photo last autumn. I loved the idea of placing the sun in the sky, or catching it and safely tucking it away for the evening.

I just thought that today we could all use a little more light. Maybe those hopes and dreams that we’ve stored away are right on the horizon, waiting to illuminate the sky and cast out darkness.


Waiting For The Storm: 6/52


I was so happy when it snowed this past weekend. I was a bit worried about this week’s theme, but it worked out perfectly!

We never know when a storm is going to strike in life, but sometimes, we can feel it coming. In that moment when hope and darkness collide, there’s a sense of peace that fills our soul — a knowing that, no matter how fierce the storm may be, we will make it through alive.

In these quiet moments of peace, it is then we bow our heads and thank the God of the universe for His unfailing love and protection. We know that He’s there for us through it all, our Protector, our Shield.

What We Can’t Have: 5/52

What We Can't Have

We always seem to want something other than what we have. We live our lives chasing after a reflection, instead of embracing the potential inside of us and in the world around us.

I have to admit, I didn’t put much time or thought into this week’s theme. It was kind of a spur of the moment shot, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think the lesson in it is important, though.

There’s also a tendency to look at our lives through a different lens, one that distorts reality. Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves when life isn’t what we want it to be, instead of blinding ourselves to the situation we’re in. Even though it may be painful or difficult at times, that acknowledgment can be so powerful and important in overcoming obstacles. We can’t overcome anything if we don’t know what it is that we’re fighting against.

We need to see with unveiled eyes; that gives us insight to both our strengths and weaknesses. With that knowledge we’re better able to face challenges that come our way. Let’s live the life we were created for, instead of letting it all fade away while we’re focused on the life we thought we’d live.

Music: 4/52


Music Take Me Away


This is quickly becoming one of my favorite images I’ve created. The idea was not coming together the way I wanted, and is still far from what I originally had in mind. I will be re-shooting it at a later time; however, there’s still something to be learned through this.

Music has the power to transport us into other worlds. No matter who you are, there is some style of music that will speak to you. There may be different ones at different times, but it’s always there, and always has the power to transform. This life can be tough, but music has a way of reaching into the soul and giving us hope where we otherwise would have seen none.

I almost skipped this week. I was going to toss this one out, and just start on the next week’s theme, but I decided to give it one last chance. I’m so glad that I did. Through this image, I learned more about myself and my work flow, process, and just general preferences. It is not perfect, not nearly. We all have room to grow and improve.

The creation of other worlds, even if they are imperfect, can be such a thrilling, humbling experience. We may have different ways of approaching it, but that’s part of what’s so wonderful about it. Music, stories, photography, and countless other things, can bring us to a new place and new heights that we never even dreamed of.

Part of this journey is stepping out, even in the midst of fear. Even when we don’t know where that next step might take us. Sometimes God speaks in subtle ways, sometimes through music. Sometimes music can give us the strength that we need to persevere. It takes us to a world where the things that seem so big are seen as they truly are; they’re so much smaller from here.

Sometimes we need to step away from our reality to gain an accurate grasp or understanding of it. Sometimes we need to reach inside ourselves and listen to the words we don’t want to hear. If we accept them with kindness and understanding, we’ll have a much better chance of using those inner gifts in a positive way.

Guarding The Light

Guarding-The-LightThis image didn’t turn out the way I had envisioned. I had an entirely different concept in mind, but for various reasons, it didn’t work out that way. The other image is one that I plan to shoot at some point in the future, but it will have to wait. Patience again, but I’m learning that things turn out better that way.

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned, but we still need to make the most of what we have. If I had seen the outside conditions and decided to give up because my concept wouldn’t come together, then I wouldn’t have this image right now. It’s hard to go with the flow and roll with the punches when we had our heart set on something, but sometimes, that’s the only way to see the light.

Second chances will often emerge, though maybe not in the way we had anticipated. I’m learning to be still in those moments and find the beauty that is, even if it wasn’t what I had originally envisioned. There’s so much beauty and wonder in this world, it would be a shame to miss it because we’re too hung up on things of the past, or a future that could never be.

I’m learning to guard that light inside. The light doesn’t have to diminish just because the world around us is dark and stormy, in fact, that’s when the light can shine the brightest.