Finding Beauty. Finding Inspiration.

How often do you stop to stare into the sky, smell a flower, notice how the light reflects through a raindrop, or see the intricate patterns of the frost on your windows? So often we look, but don’t really see.

There are so many little things, beautiful things, that we take for granted in our everyday lives. We’re so busy with the rush that we very rarely stop and pay attention to the beauty in the world around us.

To live inspired, you must be inspired. To be inspired, you must open your outer eyes to the beauty around you and open your inner eyes to the beauty within you.

You can use a camera, your memory, words, whatever it is that works for (or speaks to) you. I would like us to capture the beauty in our lives to create a world of beauty and inspiration. Won’t you join me?

I’ve set up a Flickr group where we can share photography, comments are always welcome here on the blog, and I’ll also be sharing these blog posts on my Facebook page where you can comment and share as well.

Below is my contribution for the week. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

Still Holding On

Still Holding On

March Update

Hello, everyone!

I hope this blog post finds you healthy and happy. I have been very busy this month, working on so many concepts and whatnot. However, I have not had much motivation to edit, so I’ve done a lot of planning and shooting, but very little has actually been completed.

I stopped doing the 52-week project (for now) because I didn’t feel that I was completing the images as I would have liked. I have, however, continued to think about the themes, and I will use them for inspiration moving forward, when I can really put everything into them that they deserve.

I’ve also been thinking about adding a new section to my blog for random pictures that I take in everyday life, finding inspiration in the world around me, and sharing that with you. I would want it to be a group participation thing, where you could share inspirations from your lives as well. Is this something that anyone would be interested in? If so, you can leave a comment here or contact me on Facebook, Flickr, or DeviantArt.

When We Find The Light

When-We-Find-The-LightI’ve been doing a lot of shooting lately. Sometimes I’ve been shooting 4 or more concepts a day, but I haven’t had the motivation to edit any of them.

It’s as if all these ideas are floating around me, but my head is in a bucket, unable to see the light from them. That’s where this image came from. Fortunately, I was able to gather enough editing motivation to finish this concept. It’s funny how not being inspired can itself be an inspiration.

Inspiration is an amazing thing. It’s everywhere around us. Are we willing to see it? Inspiration isn’t something we need to wait for, it’s something we need to search for. It doesn’t come only in the form of big ideas that we’re immediately sold on. It comes to us slowly, one piece at a time, whenever we’re willing to look for it. Can we see the inspiration around us, or maybe use our lack of motivation as a motivator in and of itself?

Sometimes I think we find the light and then hide ourselves away. It reminds me of a quote, “When I was young, I was afraid of the dark. Now, when I get my electric bill, I am afraid of the light.” Are we sitting in darkness because we’re afraid of the price we’ll pay?

How often do we go running from the light when it’s right there around us? So close we could reach out and touch it. Maybe this image isn’t just about ideas–maybe it’s about something more than that, too.

Most of my images have multiple meanings and concepts behind them. Sometimes I don’t even realize what they are until I’ve already finished them, but it was something that was inside me all along. I needed that message, even if my understanding of it is delayed.

That’s what this image means to me.


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Thankful Thoughts

I was just talking with a friend about decorating, and it made me feel incredibly blessed to have a huge, empty wall to use for my photography. It even has a window nearby, so it has plenty of natural light.

I’ve used this wall for so many images and it’s amazing to see how different each one can turn out.

wallThese are only a few of the many I’ve used my wall for. Each one has forced me to look at creativity in a different way. It has been a challenge and a tremendous blessing.

So tonight, I am thankful for a blank wall that can transport me to many different worlds.


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Death To Life

Death-To-LifeI’ve really been loving red lately, and I’ve been wanting to shoot with gauze for a long time now. This was the first photo I’ve done combining the two, and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I feel as though I should have a lot to say about this image, but I don’t. That’s one of the things I love about photography: When words fail, photography speaks.

Golden Opportunity

Golden-OpportunityI took this photo quite awhile ago. I just came across it the other day and decided to edit it. I love the warm feel and the simplicity of the single apple on the floor.

So often we miss the moments that are right in front of us, we only see the opportunities after they have passed. But sometimes, every once in a while, we can grab hold of those moments and freeze them in our minds and our hearts. We will always treasure those memories.

Those are the golden opportunities, the little moments in life that we can treasure forever.

Something In The Wind

Something-In-The-WindThis image was done spontaneously while I was shooting Waiting For The Storm. Personally, I like this one better.

We can stand with courage as we face the wind, knowing that there is a Power far greater than us. We stand secure, not because of our own strength, but because of our weakness.

There’s something magical about being out in a snowy forest. It’s as though I’m stepping into a different world where anything is possible.

That’s one of the things I love about photography. It’s a way of stepping outside reality and into the world of our dreams. We can create any story, in any world, with any rules we like. We’re no longer bound by the limitations that are naturally set upon us.

Quiet: 7/52

quietThere are times in life when all I need is some quiet time with a notebook and a pen, allowing my thoughts to flow freely from my mind to the page. I treasure those moments of solitude when I can fully focus on the creativity and inspiration in and around me. There’s nothing quite like the freedom found on a blank page, ready for anything that comes its way.

What if we looked at our lives as a blank canvas ready to be filled, rather than just moving from one day to the next? Sometimes we just need to take a moment to slow down, collect our thoughts, and spread our own personal stories out through the world. We can find, and express, the color in our lives through so many different forms: visual art, music, words, etc.

Exploring the world inside my mind is one of my favorite things to do, that is where I find a lot of my inspiration to create. What drives you to create? Do you have any favorite activities to get those creative juices flowing? I’d love to hear from you.


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